Posted on August 04, 2016
Europe is the most preferred destination of many Qataris for summer, despite recent terrorist attacks in a number of European countries. “Many Qataris have booked to travel to European countries, especially France, Switzerland, Great Britain and Germany, and only a few of them have cancelled their bookings after the recent attacks. “Most of them just changed their bookings,” said an employee of a travel agency in Al Sadd.
Most Qataris who spoke to The Peninsula cited pleasant weather, excellent shopping opportunities, no language barriers and many historical places that cannot be found anywhere as reasons behind their choice. Qatari woman Fatima said she will be travelling to Switzerland and Germany for tourism to escape the hot weather in Qatar and to relax and have therapy. And recent terrorist attacks have not discouraged another Qatari woman, Maisa,  from choosing to go to France. She said: “I can’t change the booking again because I changed it so many times and I have to pay $200 as penalty because I’m flying Business class at the end of this month.
“For me France is beautiful, a clean country and has all that I need, fun things to see around, luxury places, great restaurants, nice shopping experiences, fun activities, and nice people.” Having booked early, Maisa was happy having bought cheaper ticket because of promotions. “I have booked before Ramadan and at that time there was a promotion which was about 35 percent less for business class at Qatar Airways and I paid QR13,800 for the ticket.”
Nesreen, along with her family, went to London to spend their summer vacation. She said she loves the city because she is used to it as her family visits it frequently and she finds it easy to communicate with the people using English language. In addition, while London is not that far, it offers excellent choices for shopping and restaurants to dine, she said. There are also some Qataris who prefer to go travel to Asian countries such as Suhier who chose Thailand for summer vacation. She said she liked to go there because the people there treat tourists nicely, prices are reasonable, and it offers all that the family needs.
source: The Peninsula