Posted on September 06, 2017

The longest-ever Qatar Summer Festival (QSF) concluded on a high note in Doha on Tuesday evening, with hundreds of visitors gathering at the QSF's epicentre, the Entertainment City at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center, to catch the last-minute thrill. 

Visitors a large number of their children rushed in to take part in the festival activities as well as to do some shopping. Children and adults had a chance to enjoy more than 35 rides, an inflated obstacle course, skill games and video games at the Entertainment City. They also enjoyed sumptuous delicacies at the food court featuring several outlets and food carts spread all over the City. The kids shopped for toys and garments, while elders found joy in choosing from a large array of perfumes, accessories, make-up items and ornaments, among others, at the pop-up shops. Besides, there was an art section where children enjoyed face-painting, henna designs and photo shoot.

Visitors to the festival as well as vendors at the shops and restaurants at the venue said that QSF was well organised and they were happy to be given an opportunity to be part of the festival which began on June 25. Hazem, a Qatari who had a pop-up shop (Lulu Al Khaleej) with a variety of Kuwaiti perfumes featuring Arabic and French scents as well as Arabic oud, said:"We received many customers, especially those from Kuwait, to buy our products. We are happy to be given a chance to exhibit our products here."

Mashael, another Qatari owner of a cosmetic shop 'Rza Panda', which displayed make-up items from the United States of America and the United Kingdom, said:"We brought items that are not available in Qatar. This festival was good because many customers got to know about us from here. We are planning to open a shop in Qatar now. This festival has given good exposure to us." Lou at the art corner where visitors received face painting, nail art and henna tattoo said:"Many visitors enjoyed face painting at our art centre, and majority of them were Qataris." According to her, children experimented with beads and stylo painting too."We are happy to have taken part in the festival. We managed to make many new friends and contacts. The festival was well organised," she added.

At the food court, vendors were a happy lot saying their participation was a success. Haitham, a restaurant manager at the 'Johnny Rockets', said:"We increased our sales manifold with a diverse menu catering both to children as well as adult customers. Our participation was good as many people became familiar with our brand. We also made contact with people and they can call us when they organise events." Haitham praised the event organisers saying they brought a variety of events and entertainment activities to attract visitors.  Staff at Baba Chapatea also echoed the same view.

Gouda, an Indian expatriate who brought his children to have fun at the Entertainment City, said:"We came to know about the activities here from a friend. The charges for the children's games were affordable." The QSF was organised by Qatar Tourism Authority and the Entertainment City was manned by QSports. The QSports organised other activities also as part of the QSF, including shows, concerts and promotions at various malls, hotels and Qatar National Convention Center, among other venues.

source: Qatar Tribune