Posted on October 24, 2015

More than 30 students were recognised for their exceptional projects on Helium at the Energising Education school competition awards ceremony held at RasGas Company Limited (RasGas) Headquarters last week. The ceremony marked the end of the Qatar Helium series arranged by RasGas in collaboration with the Supreme Education Council (SEC) aimed at strengthening students’ scientific knowledge whilst creating a tangible link with Qatar’s hydrocarbon industry.

The Energising Education - Qatar Helium series consists of 16 informative videos (eight in Arabic and eight in English) each exploring Helium’s unique properties and uses in industry and a book that celebrates Qatar’s role in meeting 25% of global helium demand. Earlier this year, science teachers from 21 Independent high schools incorporated the educational series in their teaching material, bridging a knowledge gap between formal learning with the State’s main industry.

Students were then encouraged to form teams and present projects that culminated their understanding of this unique natural resource found in abundance in Qatar’s North Field. Eight winning teams were selected from 30 contending teams demonstrating their understanding of the noble gas’ unique properties and its various industrial uses.

Energising Education awards Helium 2 [].jpg

“Witnessing the students’ pride as they were presented their awards for their projects on helium embodied the spirit we strive to foster from this Energising Education initiative. At RasGas, we believe it is never too early to reach out to our nation’s youth to educate them about an industry that has played a significant role in shaping the State’s modern history and will exceedingly rely on them to lead the energy industry’s future in Qatar,” said  RasGas Chief Employee Development and Welfare Officer, Erhama Al-Kaabi.

As part of its ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme, RasGas is committed to positively contribute to Qatar’s community; it is especially keen to proactively support students’ education as envisaged by Qatar National Vision 2030.

Energising Education awards Helium 3 [].jpg

“The Education Institute in the SEC is very pleased with its valuable partnership with RasGas. This partnership depicts the significant role our national companies play in collaboration with government agencies. It also sheds light on its quest to promote competitiveness among students as part of a distinct educational practice. One of the most important outcomes of this cooperation is raising awareness among our students on how to cherish and preserve our national resources. This partnership also highlights the leading role RasGas plays in the field of industry and production,” said Fawzia Al Khater, SEC Education Manager.

With the commissioning of the Helium 2 facility in 2013, Qatar became the world’s largest exporter and second largest producer of helium. RasGas and the SEC launched the pilot Energising Education – Qatar Helium educational programme earlier in 2015.