Posted on August 09, 2017

Education Above All (EAA) foundation, through its programme Reach Out To Asia (ROTA), has opened registration for ROTA Youth Service Clubs- Leadership Training 2017 “ROTA Youth Challenge” which aims to develop the leadership, communication, project management and community service skills of young people in Qatar.

The Leadership Training Programme is the first phase of ROTA’s three-phase Youth Challenges programme that will be rolled out over the next 5 months.

Extensive training provided during the programme will better prepare candidates, aged between 16 – 26, to play an active role in the development of their communities and engage in local and international humanitarian action. Taking place from October 25 - 28 in Doha, the four day intensive training will focus on leadership and the fundamentals of team work with a specific focus on social project management. At the start of the training programme participants will be provided with a detailed description of the project, including work mechanism, types of projects required from groups, and implementation requirements.

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Mohammed Al-Saleh, National Programmes Director at EAA's ROTA, said: “Since its inception in 2010, the programme has assisted more than 640 youth in Qatar to hone their leadership skills and lay the foundation for a successful future.” “The programme ensures youth are equipped to tackle challenges in a professional environment and work as a collective to tackle pressing local and global challenges. By exposing participants to real-life scenarios, they are able to gain practical learning experiences and put what they have learnt into practice if and when they are confronted with a similar situation in the future,” Saleh added.

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The programme places great emphasis on encouraging Qatar’s youth - the future leaders of tomorrow to go on to represent Qatar confidently at a regional and international level and to take direct action to address local and global issues, by providing them with the necessary know-how to become effective leaders. The second phase will continue from November 2017 until April 2018 and will be a practical execution of the approved projects. The projects will culminate at EMPOWER 2018 – ROTA’s annual youth-led conference where participants will be required to showcase their final projects and share their results.

Apply now for the 2017 ROTA Youth Service Clubs- Leadership Training 2017 “ROTA Youth Challenge”  by accessing the following link: