Posted on December 08, 2018

Doha College achieved record examination results for the second consecutive year, and also for the second consecutive time, it landed two “Highest Mark in the World” in IGCSE results, along with other remarkable results.

The highest marks in the 2018 IGCSE cohort went to:

Highest mark in the world (Pearson):

  • Anastasia Ceban – GCSE Art And Design: Photography
  • Hayat Al-Dasooqi – GCSE Art And Design : Photography

Doha College bags two Best 2 [].jpg

Highest mark in Qatar:

  • Antonia Louise Heidel – IGCSE German
  • Lina Belbouche – IGCSE French
  • Mohsin Ghani – IGCSE French
  • Jack Louis Dillon – GCSE Music

Highest mark in Qatar (Cambridge)

  • Maryam Malmstrom – IGCSE History

Hayat Al-Dasooqi, who achieved the highest mark in the world in photography, gave us an insight into her approach: “I always wanted to create thoughtful outcomes that held significant and profound meanings. Photography is a great passion of mine, therefore I took it upon myself to perfect each and every aspect of my work, starting from the overall message, all the way to the aesthetics. Receiving this certificate will always be one of the biggest achievements of my life. I would like to thank my family, friends and teacher, Mr. Khan, for their endless support which I could not have earned this certificate without.”

Doha College bags two Best 3 [].jpg

Anastasia Ceban, who shared the same distinction as Hayat, also set out to achieve her best from the very beginning: “Sometimes the work seemed too much, but then I always found the strength to keep striving and constantly improving, putting in my heart and soul into every aspect of my work, big or small. We only have one life, so it’s important that everything we do, significant or not, has to be done to its maximum potential.” Notwithstanding her passion for the arts, Anastasia hopes to specialise in theoretical physics.

Dr Steffen Sommer, Principal of Doha College, stated: “I am so proud of our students, whose hard work and smart approach to studying took them to the absolute elite of the world’s young minds. Their results also testify to the outstanding quality of our teachers, who motivate and inspire them every single day.”

Hayat and Anastasia with Ferhan Khan, Head of Art and Photography at Doha College, on the backdrop of their world-class works.