Posted on March 02, 2015

Doha Bank announced today another world class innovation in the Banking Industry to enhance customers’ experience with a digitized account opening solution, another proud first for Qatar. The new account opening was engineered with a contemporary twist and will attend to the customers’ banking needs from March onwards, whereby customers can open an account and receives their debit card instantly at Doha Bank branch.

This service is in line with ongoing digital transformation ventures at Doha Bank, which cater to tech savvy consumers and their need for a drastically reduced time for banking. The newly streamlined account opening process is designed with minimal input requirements and its technology platform has been reinforced with profound security measures to protect the customer’s personal information and identity.

Dr. R.Seetharaman, Doha Bank’s CEO said: “Doha Bank is committed to offer the latest in digital banking to deliver the greatest banking experience to customers. We want to continue to be the bank of choice for customers driven by smart solutions. Our legacy in introducing state-of-the-art banking solutions has a new highlight today with the introduction of the instantaneous welcome kit with the fastest account opening in Qatar.” 

Mr. Suresh Bajpai, Doha Bank’s Head of Retail Banking added: “Within the entire digitization strategy we have unified the account opening experience and we plan to extend it to our cross-border network making it a regional experience. The new solution with seamless integrations and inbuilt processes are not only designed to eliminate human errors, but also enabled with 4 G connectivity to make your next generation banking effortless. “ 

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A new Doha Bank account also comes with a suite of digital services to keep customers connected with their money and information. With the instant account opening and debit card delivery, customers can then quickly perform self-registration for Doha Bank’s Online Banking. This introduces additional convenience of accessibility to customer’s accounts, money and being able to manage finances and personal payments directly, anywhere, anytime. Online banking is also the gateway to other smart financial service solutions. For example, the Doha Bank Mobile Banking application provides accessibility from any Blackberry, iPhone or Android phone; yes, even WAP.

Once customers receive their Debit Card when at the account-opening stage, they can then access one of the widest networks of ATM machines in Qatar. Many of Doha Bank’s cash machines also provide supplementary services such as a selection of bill payment facilities and the deposit of cash and/or cheque deposits which are automatically credited to the customer’s account. 

With Doha Bank there’s so much to look forward to.