Posted on September 30, 2014

The Middle East has become a hotspot for cyber-attacks as we see an escalation of computer-led warfare.  As organisations brace themselves for increasingly sophisticated cybercrime,   governments have a major responsibility to protect their national security.  There is also a global recognition that the internet is part of the national and international infrastructure that needs to be protected. With its growing international profile creating greater awareness of the country’s wealth, Qatar has recently been particularly vulnerable, making it an attractive target for cyber-attacks.  The resulting breaches ranged from ‘medium’ to ‘highly’ dangerous in the levels of threat they posed to their networks.

Consequently, the Qatari government is investing in a comprehensive protection programme in preparation for the FIFA World Cup in 2022.  Security and fraud prevention measures are expected to figure strongly.  In addition, Qatar has already implemented a National Shield Project and their IT network of ministries and government bodies will be completely secure by 2016. Qatar now wishes to lead the way in developing and employing cyber protection and assert itself as a model for cyber security.

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Kindly sponsored by malomatia and BAE Systems, ‘Qatar Confidential – Cyber Security’ gives you the opportunity to hear from leading industry and military cyber specialists including:

  • James Lewis – Director and Senior Fellow, Strategic Technologies Program, Centre for Strategic & International Studies, USA
  • General James Cartwright – Former Vice Chairman, Joint Chief of Staff & Harold Brown Chair in Defence Policy Studies, Centre of Strategic & International Studies, USA

Three good reasons why you should participate as a delegate:

  • Identify and understand Qatari cyber vulnerability analysis and requirements
  • Understand Qatari levels of sophistication in preventing hostile cyber intrusion and hack attacks
  • Hear the latest on cyber security infrastructure, securing major sports events and the types of attack and future threats and International cybercrime laws which will address – “Are international cybercrime laws able to deal with cyber threats”?

Supported by the Qatar Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of ICT this event will attract wide interest in the region and will address both civil and military cyber security activities.  In the light of the FIFA World Cup 2022, special attention will be given to the session on Securing Major Events, chaired by the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) based in Doha.

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