Posted on December 17, 2016
Prime Minister and Minister of Interior HE Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al Thani inaugurated the Single Window Project for investor services at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) headquarters in Lusail City on Thursday.
The project comes as a result of the directives of the Emir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani for the benefit of investors. The Single Window Project aims to boost business environment by removing bureaucratic hurdles and unifying ministerial procedures for attracting investors. The project also encourages private sector participation in the country's economy.
With the launch of this service, investors will now be able to complete most of the transactions to start their commercial activities immediately. Latest equipment are being used to facilitate the procedures. The project involves an integrated system for booking appointments across ministries and filling up of applications on mobile phones with ease. An investor and service user, Mahamed Elhodus, said he was able to finish all the required paper works to start his new project within couple of hours.
Manager of a new company, Mohamad Ahmed, said the place is equipped with all services and utilities needed to make visitors very comfortable. A variety of facilities such as free Internet, cafeteria and meeting rooms are available for the investors. Businessman Amar Soliman said he was able to receive all the required information easily."I get answers for my questions and this saves a lot of my time. In just a few minutes, I was well informed of all the procedures I needed to go through to get my transaction done," he added.
The prime minister issued Decision No 23 of 2016 to form the Coordinating Committee for Single Window System Management. The Committee, which comes under the purview of the Cabinet, will be formed under the chairmanship of a representative of the Prime Minister's Office and membership of a representative each from the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Energy and Industry, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Administrative Development and Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Municipal and Environment, Qatar Tourism Authority and Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The decision stipulates that each body is required to choose its representative for the committee. The chairman and members of the committee will be appointed by a decision of the Prime Minister. An employee or more will be in charge of the committee's secretariat, whose designation and determination of terms of references will be made as per a decision of the committee's chairman. The committee's function involves coordinating with all government agencies on providing the Single Window services, providing all administrative and technical services necessary to facilitate the work and implementing comprehensive quality concepts to improve performance and raise the level of services. It also includes studying complaints and suggestions of reviewers to take necessary action, develop clear indicators for measuring the level of quality and periodic evaluation of the services provided for the Single Window by all stakeholders, and coordinating with the relevant authorities to simplify and develop all procedures and set a timeline for them.
The decision stipulates that the committee must establish a system of work including venue and dates of its meetings according to the rules. The committee is required to form sub-committees to assist it in performing its functions. The committee is also required to cooperate with the employees of ministries and other government agencies to provide it with the required advice, statements or explanations. All parties are required to provide the committee with required information and data. As per the decision, the committee is required to submit periodic reports on the results of its work, proposals and recommendations to the prime minister.
The decision will come into force from the date of its issuance and will be published in the Official Gazette.
source: Qatar Tribune