Posted on January 23, 2014

ConocoPhillips Qatar today concluded its successful participation as a principal sponsor of the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) 2014, which took place from 19-22 January at the Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC), Doha.

ConocoPhillips welcomed delegates and visitors to its interactive community stand, where they were met and greeted by the ConocoPhillips and the Global Water Sustainability Center (GWSC) team. ConocoPhillips also brought experts from its global operations to IPTC to share their knowledge, expertise and informative case studies, including Matt Fox, Vice President Exploration and Production at ConocoPhillips.  Fox took the stage to present a case study on the US natural gas revolution in a panel that included participants representing ExxonMobil, Oryx GTL, Shell, Saudi Aramco, ADNOC, GDF Suez and Petroleum development Oman. Hari Sudan, Senior Reservoir Engineer at ConocoPhillips, participated in a session that focused on integrated reservoir modelling and characterization and presented a paper titled “Application of an Integrated Approach to Preserve Geologic and Seismic Consistency in a History Matching Workflow of a North Sea Chalk Reservoir”.

Matt Fox, Conocophillips [].jpgConocoPhillips’ “Kulluna for Health and Safety” corner at the exhibition proved to be a main attraction at IPTC drawing more than 600 visitors who were given the opportunity to take control of their health and run a biometric health checkup. Kulluna is a partnership between ConocoPhillips and Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and aims to raise public awareness towards general health issues, personal safety, and lifesaving practices within Qatar. The exhibition showcased three of Kulluna’s most widely successful campaigns: Beat the Heat, Healthy Heart and Safe Kids, all of which received recognition and wide-scale public participation. The stand replicated Healthy Heart’s Know Your Numbers campaign, where health specialists from HMC conducted blood tests to delegates, measuring the levels of blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol, in order to educate them about their health and alert them to warning signals.

The interactive community stand showcased the company’s technical capabilities along with its community investment initiatives in Qatar. This included ConocoPhillips’ award winning Global Water Sustainability Center (GWSC), which focuses on raising awareness about water sustainability and conducts research on water desalination and by-products. Recently, GWSC launched the Film Maker Competition to raise awareness amongst school students about the importance of water conservation. The top three winning films from Ibn Khaldoun Preparatory Independent School, Omar Bin Al Khattab Preparatory School and Awsaj Academy were shown at the stand.

“I believe we’ve achieved an important objective through our presence at IPTC,” said Gary Sykes, president, ConocoPhillips Qatar. We were able to use this platform to inform people about the important work ConocoPhillips is doing to engage the local community and make it a better place for future generations.”

Safety, one of ConocoPhillips’ strategic pillars, also had its share at the ConocoPhillips exhibition stand, which reflects the company’s commitment to placing safety at the heart of ConocoPhillips’ work. The delegates visiting the exhibition stand were introduced to ConocoPhillips’ 8 Life Saving Rules, which focus on process safety, risk management, emergency preparedness and environmental performance. When applied, these rules reduce risks for workers performing critical activities. ConocoPhillips’ 7 year record of reporting 0 injuries and incidents is a testimony to its success and ConocoPhillips was keen on sharing this knowledge with the industry.