Posted on October 16, 2018

City Centre Rotana Doha takes pleasure in announcing that it celebrated 2018 Qatar-Russia Year of Culture at its highly acclaimed Teatro restaurant. As Qatar attempts to balance its traditional roots with modernity, the country’s architecture is developing its own language.

In order to bring in the Russian culture to light, City Centre Rotana Doha proudly presents Qatari resident, Russian artist Maria Ovsyannikova’s beautiful creations titled, “Qatar’s History vs Future” from October 15 – 21, 2018 at the hotel’s stunning art gallery area in front of “Teatro” restaurant. With this inflection of art of culture, locals and residents will be able to discover the enriching details of Qatari history and the transition into the future.

The eight-day exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Marin Kendall, General Manager of City Centre Rotana Doha in attendance of the hotel’s senior management, media representatives and art lovers. True to its roots, Teatro has been constantly supporting such art endeavors and is the frontrunner in hosting such exclusive gatherings to encourage young talent. City Centre Rotana Doha is equally thrilled to make Teatro the most sought-after place for showcasing such lovely creations of artists besides adding a zing with its soulful culinary flavors.

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On this occasion, Martin Kendall, General Manager of City Centre Rotana Doha, said: “City Centre Rotana Doha has been ardently aiming to offer a striking reflection of global culture and tradition by way of hosting such unique art exhibitions where people of Qatar can experience the various global cultures and the Expats can actually reminisce their days in their home countries. Through this stellar exhibition, we have taken Qatar-Russia relationship one step ahead. Maria’s art form infuses life into the enriching journey of Doha over the years, which she has portrayed through her impeccable craftsmanship. With such event, we also intend to strengthen our connect with various global communities who have been a part of Qatar for many years. In the future too, we will keep on hosting such events to not just offer something unique to our visitors but also a poised platform to new age artists to showcase their world to Qatari audience.”

Feeling elated, the proud artist Maria Ovsyannikova, said: “It is a pride and honor to have got an opportunity to showcase my work to the art lovers of Qatar at such a pristine location. It wouldn’t have been possible without the undeterred support of City Centre Rotan Doha officials who have made sure that the who’s who of the art world attend my creations and make it a big success. Through this exhibition, I have attempted to showcase the rich history of Qatar and the picturesque future, which is full of promising opportunities.”

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Maria’s images come out as a result of fascination with the landscapes, culture and traditions of Qatar. Coming from a completely different culture and environ, she intends to take viewers on her visual treat through Qatari desert sands, clear waters of the north or modern cities and old villages. With this exhibitions, she wants to portray that there is a hidden beauty in Qatar region and through her images, she aims to take the viewers on the visual retreat and explore Qatar from a different light.

Originally from Moscow, Russia, she has been staying in Qatar for over 5 years now and is working as a photographer. She specializes in architectural landscape, product & food photography. Besides this, she has a passion for art and local heritage. Maria has done several solo and group art exhibitions in Doha. The most recent one was dedicated to Qatari flag as “Symbol of Unity”.