Posted on November 27, 2017

Rashid Ali Al-Mansoori, CEO of the Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE), emphasized the QSE’s commitment to sustainable economic, environmental and social development in Qatar, speaking at a lecture hosted by Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar (CMU-Q).

“Qatar Stock Exchange’s aim is to be a leading organization in Qatar that promotes the best in all companies for the good of the company,” Al-Mansoori said. “QSE is committed to advancing sustainable performance, transparency and governance practices in the market through the provision of guidance and tools to help our listed companies and investors.”

Sustainable development is an area of increasing focus worldwide. The QSE is a member of the Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative, a United Nations program designed to promote responsible investment and corporate transparency and responsibility. The World Bank identified the three pillars of sustainable development as economic growth, environmental stewardship and social inclusion. “The world is at a critical moment in time and faces development challenges which can negatively affect economic growth without warning: geopolitical tension, climate change, social inequalities and pricing pressures, among others. We need growth that is sustainable in order to successfully address the challenges we face that put our future prosperity at risk,” he added.

Michael Trick, dean of Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, remarked, “We are fortunate at CMU-Q to have partners like Mr. Al Mansoori who are dedicated to the education of young business leaders. Mr. Al Mansoori’s vision for sustainable development is one area I know strikes a chord with our students.” Al-Mansoori also stressed the importance of supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs), highlighting QSE’s Venture Market initiative that provides SMEs with alternative sources of financing. “SMEs innovate and disrupt traditional business models, and can introduce competition, leading to improved products and services for the benefit of the whole community. Given the importance of SMEs, we cannot overlook these businesses or their contributions to the economy,” he said.

QSE was established in 1997 and serves as a platform for investment in economic expansion and high-value projects in key sectors. It is the second largest market in the GCC by market capitalization, and 45 blue chip companies are listed on the QSE in a range of industries, including finance, real estate, consumer goods and services, telecommunications, transportation, and industrials.

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