Posted on December 17, 2016

The Ministry of Economy and Commerce has announced the closing down of the fish market at Doha-Central Market and shifting it to a new facility in Umm Salal before the end of the first quarter of 2017. The vendors were given  December 22 deadline to apply for space at new central market. They told The Peninsula that they are ready to shift to new facility within the given time.

The Permanent Committee for Central Market Administration at the Ministry has asked some 51 fish vendors and brokers to get the spaces leased to run their businesses at new market in an official circular issued recently. With the opening of new central market for fish in Umm Salal, the Permanent Committee for Central Market Administration at the Ministry of Economy has directed the owners of fish outlets and fish-brokerage offices to shutdown and transfer the existing fish businesses to new market before the end of first quarter of 2017, said the circular.

The committee has also urged interested traders who seek to continue their business, must apply for new space at the new facility before December 22, 2016. The applicants will have to download application form from the website of the Ministry and to submit it to the headquarters of the committee at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce at Lusail, Third Floor, Building No. 8 during the morning working hour. Those failing to apply for booking spaces in the new market for fish vendors or brokerage offices as alternative of the existing central market will lose their rights of claim after December 22, 2016. “We received the circular a couple days ago. There are about 51 vendors all of them were handed over the circular,” a vendor at Fish Market of Doha-Central Market told the Peninsula.

“I talked to my sponsor. He asked me to go to the new fish market in Umm Salal to see whether it is ready to move business there or not. I will visit new market on Sunday. Some vendors have already visited the new market and have told us that the facility is ready.”  “We do not have any other option. We want to continue the business. The new market locates in a little bit far from Doha so it is a matter of concern for me and others,” said another vendor.  He thinks that the shifting will cause some temporary sluggishness in their current business.

“The business will be slow in the beginning but by the time it will gain its standard momentum. The existing fish market locates in a crowded place so it attracts huge customers on daily basis,” the fish vendor noted. Looking for a suitable accommodation and eateries are another matter of concerns for us. But someone told me that a restaurant will open in new fish central market, he added.

source: The Peninsula