Posted on January 13, 2017
The Cabinet approved the executive regulation of the residency law, at its weekly meeting held at the Emiri Diwan before yesterday. The meeting, chaired by Prime Minister and Interior Minister H E Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani, approved a draft decision of the Minister of Interior to issue the executive regulation of the law No. (21) of 2015 regulating the entry and exit of expatriates and their stay.
The draft regulation included provisions concerning the controls of entry and exit of expatriates, work and non-work residence permits, visits, transit pass and return, among the others. The Cabinet also approved a draft law regulating marine business in Qatari waters. The draft law does not include warships, public ships, fishing vessels and cruise ships. Under the draft law, Qatari and non-Qatari naval ships can do marine business in Qatari waters after obtaining a licence from the competent department at the Ministry of Transport and Communications. 
However, marine businesses in the areas that are managed or supervised by Qatar Petroleum are not subject to the provisions of the law. All engaged in marine business in the Qatari waters have six months from the date of law enforcement to rectify their situations. The period may be extended for another similar period by a decision of the Minister. The session also approved a cabinet draft decision to form an organising committee for hosting regional and international sports activities and events, under the Ministry of Culture and Sports. The committee shall be tasked with reviewing the proposals from sports entities in regards to hosting regional and international sports tournaments, events that have been approved, and providing feedback in terms of the feasibility and benefit for the country, considering the planned support from the state to host such events. 
It also shall take measures on liaising with concerned authorities regarding the approved events, looking into the allocated budget from the state, and providing a view on the matter. In addition, the committee will liaise with the Governmental Committee for Coordinating Conferences and Events regarding the timings and schedule of holding the regional and international events and activities. Meanwhile, a cabinet draft decision amending some provisions of Decision No. 34 of 2015 on the regulation of the Governmental Committee for Coordinating Conferences and Events, was approved. The draft decision stipulates the addition of a representative from the Ministry of Culture and Sports to the committee, delegating the committee to study the proposals of the concerned authorities on organizing non-sporting conferences and events in the country, and providing feedback on the benefit to the state for hosting such events.
Additionally, the session ratified an agreement to establish a joint economic, trade and technical commission, an agreement for legal cooperation and memorandum of understanding in education, fiscal policy, budget and customs between Qatar and the Republic of Azerbaijan. The cabinet also approved a draft memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the field of social affairs between the governments of Qatar and Kuwait. The cabinet reviewed and took the appropriate decision regarding a memo from the foreign minister on the report on the committee tasked with drafting a national human rights working plan.
source: The Peninsula