Posted on August 23, 2018

Many young revellers are choosing to enjoy the Eid al-Adha holidays at the country’s beaches, including those in the Sealine and Khor Al Udeid areas. There is high demand for activities such as swimming, camel and horse riding and quad biking, among others, local Arabic daily Arrayah has reported.

A number of young Qataris and expatriates say the vast expanse of sand and open space, coupled with the beaches and refreshing waters, encourage them to travel such long distances outside Doha to enjoy places like Sealine and Khor Al Udeid (Inland Sea). However, they also pointed out that some visitors spoil the fun through practices such as dumping rubbish in undesignated areas, especially the burying of barbecue remains in the sand, as well as reckless driving.

Fahad al-Emadi, a Qatari, said the majority of visitors at Khor Al Udeid are young people who go there anytime between the afternoon and midnight to swim, fish and enjoy a variety of sports activities with their friends. He also said the relatively better weather conditions during the Eid holidays have encouraged a large number of people to visit Sealine and Khor Al Udeid. Salim al-Muhannadi, another Qatari, said Sealine enjoys a number of services and outlets that provide visitors with their requirements easily. However, he stressed the need for more efforts to maintain public hygiene there due to the “unacceptable conduct of some visitors”.

Nasser al-Buainain said he looks to visit Khor Al Udeid whenever possible to practise his hobby, fishing, and prefers to go to Sealine with his family. The Qatari citizen also underlined the need to maintain cleanliness in the area and avoid practices — such as the disposal of barbecue remains in the sand — that spoil the natural beauty of Khor Al Udeid and make the sand dirty. As the weather improves over the coming few months, more people are expected to visit these places for a variety of recreational activities as well as for relaxation.

source: Gulf Times