Posted on April 15, 2011

Football fans have been enjoying the opportunity to experience a taste of premiership football this weekend with the opening of the Barclays Premier League Trophy Tour, stationed here until tomorrow evening. Qtel, which provides exclusive coverage of the league on Mosaic TV, are sponsoring the event.

The tour, situated in a car park adjacent to Souq Waqif, features four ‘interactive experience domes,’ each presenting information or providing an experience related to what is often described as the greatest club league in the world. Visitors can compare themselves to some of the tallest defenders in the league, see some of the players’ largest football boots and get a chance to see the highly coveted trophy on display.

Other exhibits give them the opportunity to compare their reach to that of Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech, attempt to outrun Arsenal striker Theo Walcott, experience fans chanting their clubs’ anthems and take part in many other activities. Guests also get the chance to have their photo taken holding onto the trophy with their favourite club’s colours - which although computer generated, may be as close as many of the teams will ever be to getting their hands on it!

Qtel will also show a match on a big screen at the event tomorrow, giving visitors the ‘soccer Saturday experience.’ Executive director of group communications for Qtel, Adel al-Mutawa opened the trophy tour, saying: Qtel is a leading supporter of sport in Qatar, particularly football which is a sport close to all of our hearts.”

“We are also proud that Qtel has the exclusive rights to share Barclays Premier League games here in Qatar,” added al-Mutawa. “To build on our support, Qtel is pleased to give families and fans who may never get the chance to attend a live premiership match in England, the opportunity to experience the Barclays Premier League Trophy Tour.”

The tour is open from 3-11pm until tomorrow, and entrance is free.

source: Gulf Times