Posted on March 06, 2017

Aspire Academy has unveiled details about its upcoming ‘Aspire for Education’ regional conference, in a press conference held with media representatives on Sunday, March 05th. Held under the theme ‘Our values, Our pride’, the third edition of the bi-annual conference will be held on the 13-14th of March at the Ladies Club in Aspire Zone. 

The press conference was attended by senior officials from Aspire Academy, comprising Mr. Ali Salem Afifa, Deputy Director General, Mr. Badr Al Hay, Director of Education and Student Care and Mr. Salah Al-Yafi, Leadership Training Officer.

Speaking about the third Aspire for Education conference, Mr. Ali Salem Afifa, Deputy Director General, said: ”We extended the invitation to several local and regional experts from different fields to shed light on key issues in the ‘Aspire for Education’ conference, that focus on integrating positive cultural and societal values in the academic curriculum. As you know, Aspire Academy and its departments always seek to improve its curriculum and performance on an ongoing basis. Aspire Academy places great emphasis on positive values and their importance in inspiring students' growth, and we believe that values need to be taught as part of the curriculum alongside other core subjects. We wish to see yet another successful year and we hope attendees will benefit from the knowledge that will be shared in the conference so that we can help deliver well-rounded individuals who will one day become Qatar’s future leaders.”

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Mr.BadrJassim Al-Hay, Director of Education and Student Care,added: “The Academy has two main areas of focus, one related to the sporting development of its student-athletes, and the other is the academic development, and we believe that one complements the other. These two areas are symbolised in the two wings that comprise the Academy’s logo, and a bird cannot fly with one of them missing or broken.”

“Precisely because of our belief in the importance of both, we’re constantly looking for ways to elevate the education process in Qatar and the region by organising conferences such as the Aspire for Education conference. The first conference in 2013 was held under the academic and career guidance theme, while the second was held under the academic support theme. Through this year’s theme, we have chosen to focus on values and their role in the students’ development process. We’d like to discuss the issue in this year’s event. Our experience in education, as well as the various programmes we offer, has enabled us to successfully cultivate enough experience that can be shared to benefit students, parents, and other educators.”

Elaborating on Aspire Academy's expertise, Mr. Salah Al-Yafei, Leadership Training Officer said: “Aspire Academy has integrated the value system scheme in its curriculum. We wish to inspire others to do the same, which is why we have chosen this particular theme for the conference. Our curriculum was developed based on extensive research from renowned experts in the field, some of whom were invited to speak at the conference, including: Mr. Saleh Al Duqla, Dr.Majed Al Jallad, Dr.Zuhair Al Muzaidi among other experts.

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The third ‘Aspire for Education’ conference will be spread across two days, the 13th and 14th of March. The first day of the conference will comprise of lecture sessions, panel discussions and training courses delivered by a variety of renowned local and regional educators. The second day of the conference will discuss themes related to students’ welfare and prosperity in school. These include topics such as the value promotion scheme, philosophy and definition of values, gauging values and evaluating their effect on student behaviour, how to apply these values to thoughts and actions, integrating value-based education in the curricula, and the use of media to promote values.

Since its launch in 2013, the conference has garnered positive feedback and recognition from local and regional educators for shedding light on key topics in the academic arena geared towards improving student welfare. This conference is a testament to Aspire Academy’s leading role in developing today's youth into future leaders and well-rounded citizens on the academic and sporting level, equipped with the right values that have been taught in a safe learning environment.