Posted on October 12, 2017

Aspire Academy concluded its first Parents’ Meeting for the Academic Year 2017-2018 on Wednesday. Parents of new students were welcomed by Mr. Ali Salem Afifa, Academy Deputy Director General, Mr. Badr Jassim Al Hay, Director of Education and Student Care, and Mr. Jassim Al Jaber, School Principal, in addition to other faculty members. During the meeting, parents engaged with faculty members and department representatives in lively face to face discussions.

In his welcome speech Mr. Ali Salem Afifa, said: “At the beginning of each new academic year, Aspire Academy regularly organises such meetings to open channels of communication with parents so they are kept informed of their children’s path during the academic year, have a chance to discuss their children’s performance with us, and get answers to their questions. Open communication channels are crucial to the educational process. We need to work in cooperation to help develop our student-athletes into ambassadors for Qatar to the world.”

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Following welcoming formalities, parents watched several presentations delivered by the heads of the Academy departments of Sports, Sports Science, Football, Education and Student Affairs, and the Aspire Health Centre. They were then invited to an open Q&A session and a panel discussion with the Academy’s senior officials and teachers. “The Academy is really interactive in a positive way. This meeting has clearly defined the roles of each department and how to get in touch with the officials. As a parent and a former footballer, I discussed all issues that occupying my mind with them and I can see that our children are in the right place for their development. They really spare no effort in providing a world-class education for our kids,” Faisal al-Dosari, one of the parents and a former professional footballer.

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Meanwhile, Mr. Jassim Al Jaber, Aspire Academy’s School Principal, said: “What’s remarkable about this academic year is we will start implementing a new program for enhancing positive behaviour amongst student-athletes, as well as a number of modern applications for classifying their educational performance. There will always be new ideas, but the most important question will remain how to tailor them to achieve our objectives in accordance with our rich culture”. Aspire Academy aims to develop students holistically, providing individuals with a comprehensive academic, social and sporting education. To support student-athletes in fulfilling their promise, there are five major departments at Aspire Academy that specifically look after their development: the Football Department, the Football Performance and Science Department, the Sports Department (non-football), the Sports Science Department and the Education and Student Care Department.