Posted on October 17, 2016

Aspire Academy for Sports Excellence, has recently held its first parents meeting in the New Academic Year 2016-2017. During which, Aspire Academy’s Deputy Director General, Mr. Ali Salem Afifa, and School principal, Mr. Jassem Al Jaber, welcomed parents and delivered speeches addressing the Academy’s latest developments, particularly their recent awarding of the Accreditation by the Council of International Schools.

After which, parents took part in a lively discussion panel with department representatives, followed by a Q&A session. At the end of the night, parents engaged in information discussions and snacks with the Academy’s teachers, coaches and other staff.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Director General of Aspire Academy, Mr. Ali Salem Afifa, said: “It’s important for students to feel that they are getting the support they have both at school and at home, and we urge parents to pay close attention to their children when they’re home for the weekend. Our student care providers, academic advisers, teachers and coaches always keen to address any concerns or issues they wish to discuss with the Academy’s staff. This meeting comes in line with Aspire Academy’s continuous effort to facilitate and develop parent-teacher relationship.”

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Abdulrahman Al-Suwaidi, a parent for one of the student-athletes, praised Aspire Academy for the role it plays in developing Qatar’s sport portfolio, and said: “these meetings help open the line of communication between us parents and the school’s teachers and coaches. Our children spend most of their days at the Academy, which might make parents feel left out of their academic progress. These regular meetings, however, enable parents to be more involved in student-athletes academic and athletic development, as we are able to inquire about any questions we might have that’s related to their grades, training schedules and athletic performance. We are also able to plan and keep track of their development with their academic advisers, and address any shortcomings with student care services at the Academy.”

Aspire Academy regularly organises such meetings to open channels for communication with parents, so they are updated with their children’s performance and progress at the school, and are able to get answers to their questions. It is also an opportunity for the Academy to showcase steps being taken to in support of the Academy’s mission to boosting parent-teaching relationship and develop Qatar’s future generation of elite student-athletes. This new academic year 2016-2017, which has a total number of 265 student-athletes, marked the first academic year after receiving the Accreditation by the Council of International Schools. Student-athletes were accepted after successfully completing the elaborate Talent Identification process of the Academy.

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Established in 2004, Aspire Academy has two primary aims. First, to identify and transform talented young athletes with real potential into world-renowned champions who represent Qatar in national teams across a wide range of sports. Its second primary aim is to promote a sports culture in Qatar and the region. Aspire Academy aims to develop students holistically, providing individuals with a comprehensive academic, social and sporting education. To support student-athletes in fulfilling their promise, there are five major departments at Aspire Academy that specifically look after their development: the Football Department, the Football Performance and Science Department, the Sports Department (non-football), the Sports Science Department, and the Education and Student Care Department.