Posted on May 05, 2011

The public works authority announced the opening of another extension of the Doha North Road as it will open 4 lanes in each direction between Al Zubara Interchange and Al Huwaila Interchange on Saturday, May 7. Ashghal will also open the completed road between Al Huwaila Interchange and Ain Sinan/Al Ghashamya Area by the end of this May.

In addition to this, Ashghal announced it will complete the final part of the Doha North Road by the end of next June and as far as the Um slal interchange is concerned, Ashghal will finalize the ongoing work there by the end of next August. Ashghal said it will give much consideration for other elements of the services delivered including the beatification and clearance of debris of its completed work while adhering to its strategic partners requirements.

It is worth mentioning that Ashghal had opened the 20KM stretch of road between Al Khoor Interchange and Al Zubara Interchange.