Posted on November 13, 2018

The Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ held the third forum of “Ta’heel” Initiative for local investors and manufacturers, on Tuesday 13th November 2018 to attract more Qatari manufacturers to join and participate in Ashghal’s supply chain.

The forum was attended by Eng. Ahmed Al Ansari, the Technical Office Manager of Ashghal, Mr. Mohammed Al Mansouri, Director of Business Localization at Qatar Development Bank, along with Mr. Saeed Al Ali, owner and director of Al Bayan Electronics and LED Technologies. Mr. Don Ward, CEO of “Constructing Excellence” in Qatar under the sponsorship of "Ashghal", in addition to a number of representatives of Qatar Chamber and representatives from the commercial section of embassies of some countries.

The forum highlighted the advantages of the participants in “Ta’heel” initiative, launched by Ashghal in collaboration with Qatar Development Bank to allow Qatari manufacturers to participate in the implementation of Ashghal engineering and construction programmes and projects. It also aims at including national companies in Ashghal’s approved supply chain, in addition to encouraging new national investors to invest in the establishment of new factories that contribute to the requirements of Qatar projects that Ashghal and other bodies are working on.

Increased numbers of Qatari Manufacturers

Eng. Ahmed Ali Al Ansari, Manager of Ashghal Technical Office, said: "Since the launch of ‘Ta’heel’ initiative, Ashghal has succeeded in increasing Qatari factories by 86 to reach 131 factories by the end of October 2018. The number of locally manufactured materials, which are used in infrastructure projects were increased by 114 materials and are now 165 building materials manufactured in Qatar.”

The construction materials approved by the Public Works Authority from July 2017 until end of October 2018 vary between sewage pipes, lighting poles, lighting materials, paving materials and road signs. In the building sector, local products used include materials for electricity, mechanics, fire systems and interior finishing works. In addition to the approved locally made cement, Gabro and asphalt factories.

Eng. Mohammed Ehab Samir, Vendor Management Unit leader at Ashghal, said: "Ashghal continues to market the initiative and raise awareness to support Qatari manufacturers and service providers through many workshops and training courses offered by" Ta’heel". He added: “Some factories certifications such as ISO, Which is required by Ashghal to approve the quality of the product, Qatar Development Bank provides 50% of its cost. Manufacturers and pre-approved vendors from other entities such as ‘Kahramaa’ are easily accredited”. He pointed that the accreditation process is completed within 3 weeks from the date of the request, if all the requirements and documents are obtained.

Leading Experience

The Third ‘Ta’heel’ Forum also presented one of the leading models that joined Ashghal initiative road lighting units used by the authority in the implementation of its projects. Saed Al Ali, Chairman of Al Bayan factory for lighting and trade, said that the participation of the factory in ‘Moushtarayat’ exhibition in 2017 was a strong start for the development of the factory and its products, as it gained international accreditation and tenders to supply lighting materials to some Asian countries.

Constructing Excellence

The forum also addressed the “Constructing Excellence” Initiative launched by Ashghal in cooperation with the UK Constructing Excellence Organisation, which aims to promote and apply best practices, encourage innovation, and adopt latest technologies in order to improve and develop the construction sector in Qatar, through applying the best practices in Ashghal’s projects vendors and suppliers’ management.

It is worth mentioning that Ta’heel initiative was launched on 25 July 2017, since then Ashghal has developed the systems by which Qatari manufacturers can submit their applications electronically through the authority’s website. Ashghal receives the request online and start studying all the applications carefully. In a period not exceeding 21 days, the applicant is contacted as soon as possible in case needed to complete or correct the request.