Posted on July 05, 2018

As part of the government plan in terms of the development of the health sector, the Public Works Authority ‘Ashghal’ announces that it has completed the construction of Qatar University Health Centre and started the process of handover to the Ministry of Public Health.

The accomplishment of Qatar University Health Centre, located to the south of Qatar University in Duhail Area, heralds the conclusion of a package of four healthcare projects, including Muaither Health Centre, Al Wajba Health Centre, Al Waab Health Centre and Qatar University Health Centre.

The new centre had a total cost of over QR 150 million, since it was built on an area of 23,300 m2, comprising a four-level main building with a two-level basement designed as a car parking as well as a ground and upper level dedicated for clinics, laboratories, administrative offices and other annexes. The centre incorporates 36 clinics: 22 for general check-ups, eight for dentistry, two for maternity and two for pre-marriage tests along with other medical specialised services, including emergency, and physiotherapy that comprises a lounge, sports hall, in addition to a meeting hall, a library, a lab, a radiology and a pharmacy.

Most spacious car parking in a health centre

The centre has been designed to provide comfort to the visitors as the building has four main entrances, one of them is intended for ambulances and emergencies, and two mosques, for gents and ladies alike, along with a 511-space car parking, the biggest ever in any health centre.

Ashghal completes Qatar University 3 [].jpg

Handicapped Facilities

Ashghal has taken into consideration the handicapped special needs: signage messaging with illustrations and Braille writing style, comfortable toilets, wide walkways for easy movement, auto-doors, and reception desks with convenient height besides car parking spaces close to the main entrances and ramps in place of steps.

Over 3 million man-hours

Project Engineer Ahmad Saleh has stressed that Ashghal fulfilled the project according to the local and international specifications and standards, achieving 3 million man-hours without lost time injury, citing that the health centre is underway to Ministry of Public Health. “Qatar University Health Centre, besides the health centres of Muaither, Al Wajba and Al Waab, is the fourth clinic delivered since the start of the unfair blockade on Qatar. The health projects have not been affected by the siege, notably, Ashghal was able to accomplish the works in harmony with the criteria submitted by the Ministry of public Health”, he said.

“Ashghal implements three accredited designs according to the demography of Qatar: Type A has few clinics for low populated areas like Al Karaana and Leghwiriya Health Centres, while Type B is bigger and designed for community health like Al Waab and Qatar University Health Centres. Type C is the biggest where it is intended for health and wellness since it features rehabilitation and sport services like centres of Al Wajba and Muaither” Eng. Salah Added. “The new designs reflect the Qatari heritage and match international safety standards regarding fire protection systems in addition to green buildings and sustainability at a rate of three stars, and the bottom line is that the building is expandable and upgradable in the future according to the updated medical equipment” he added.

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It is worth mentioning that all criteria were also set by Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) since operational and architectural considerations were taken to accomplish a 3-star environmental level in terms of energy saving and environment preservation, including:

  • Using solar energy for the purpose of in-house water heating
  • Using natural sunlight through panoramic roof windows, allowing sun light in to save a quite bit of electricity which is used in lights and to disinfect the place.
  • Rational consumption of water inside and outside the building
  • Growing green areas and landscapes around the facility.
  • Preserving the environment around during the implementation of the project

Ashghal has been granted two Sustainability Awards (2016) in health and education facilities by the Gulf Organization for Research and Development “GORD”, the first performance-based system in the MENA region. Over the past year, GORD examined the designs of building projects –educational and health buildings - and conducted site visits to Ashghal’s projects to verify that the projects match GSAS standards.

Ashghal Building Affairs is much occupied with health projects in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health. Thus, the Primary Health Care sector has witnessed recently a boom since it opened unique and distinct health centre, where it has unprecedented services and spaces in Qatar to accommodate huge numbers of visitors and offer much improved medical care.