Posted on February 18, 2019

HUWEI Music App – the music provider from HUAWEI Mobile Services – has released an exclusive new single “Baoul Nasyak” by Angham – one of Egypt’s most popular singers – available now to subscribers. Mostly known for her unique voice and romantic style, this song is set to be a music chart buster, adding yet another milestone to Angham’s successful career. 

Launched alongside of the HUAWEI Mate 20 Series smartphone, HUAWEI Music is now home to millions of songs, and is looking to add additional 10 million English tracks to its subscribers.

As the go-to music app, HUAWEI Music provides a unique listening experience to its subscribers, offering its users a range of different music across several genres. Additionally, subscribers can gain exclusive access to music before its official launch date, including Nawal El Zoghbi’s new songs and Walid Al Zoghbi’s new single that will be available on the HUAWEI Music App at the end of February, among others such as Abade Johar and Ali Ben Mohammed. Starting next month, HUAWEI and HONOR users will have the opportunity to subscribe to a VIP plan with more advantages, like access to more ad-free and super-quality music which enhances their experience, with no interruptions.

HUAWEI’s self-developed music service is available on EMUI 4.0 and above, offering a myriad of services that help customize the music streaming experience according to the user’s preference, such as a multi-scene playlists tailored to suit the user’s mood, pace and activity, a timer tool that allows users to set a particular time to stop playing music automatically as well a song cropping feature which lets users crop their favourite local songs to set it as a ringtone. These innovative and fun features have been introduced on its platform across 9 countries – UAE, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Qatar, Oman, Algeria and Jordan – in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The latest version of the App comes with an exciting new feature added to its list, allowing users to personalize the music player and select the Application skin to what they like.

As for more information about HUAWEI Music, please download and try it on your HUAWEI and HONOR device from .