Posted on December 16, 2019

In keeping with Qatar’s national spirit of constant ambition and growth, Alfardan Group organized a Qatar National Day celebration for all its employees that match in scale the Group’s name as one of the largest business conglomerates in the region.

The Grand Ballroom of The St. Regis Doha, the finest address in Qatar, saw beautiful combinations of Maroon and White that drew in hundreds of employees under the Alfardan Group umbrella. The celebration was attended by Alfardan Group Chairman Mr. Hussain Ibrahim Alfardan, the President and CEO of Alfardan Group Mr. Omar Hussain Alfardan, and the PR and Communications Manager of Alfardan Group Mrs. Sara Fahad Alfardan.

Alfardan Group launches its second 2 [].jpg

This year, Alfardan Group raised the banner of ‘National Pride’ as the underlying theme of their Qatar National Day celebrations, the group highlighted the many achievements that Qatar has made over the past few decades and how the Group has contributed in these achievements while growing in tandem with our beloved country. This was reflected in the St. Regis Doha’s Grand Ballroom through photo boards that showcased famous landmarks in Qatar; highlighting what they look liked in the past and invoking a beautiful sense of nostalgia, while also showing how they evolved to their prideful present form.

On this occasion, the President and CEO of Alfardan Group Mr. Omar Hussain Alfardan said: “Our pride in our nation’s past and its present represent strong pillars upon which our nation’s growth and prosperity were built on. In turn, Alfardan Group is proud to celebrate this year’s national day by highlighting some of the most famous developmental milestones for Qatar and its people, and the deep value these milestones hold for us all”.

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