Posted on February 12, 2019

Alfardan Group showed its support for Qatar National Sport Day by engaging employees and their families in a fun and sociable day of sport at the Aspire Ladies Sports Hall in Aspire Zone. The event was designed to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle among the Alfardan Group team, in keeping with the aim of the annually celebrated event.

Members of the Board of Alfardan Group, namely, Mr. Ali Hussain Alfardan, Vice Chairman, Mr. Fahad Hussain Alfardan, Board Member, and Mr. Omar Hussain Alfardan, President and CEO, were present to welcome the more than 1,500 employees who participated with their families. They also cheered on the teams to create an energetic, vibrant atmosphere. Spirited competition came to the fore during the finals of the basketball, men’s and women’s volleyball, and football tournaments. Preparations had started early, with several knockout rounds taking place during the course of the day, before the tournaments culminated in an awards ceremony for the jubilant winning teams. Final rounds were also held for the cricket, table tennis and billiard games which were played before the event.

A variety of fun recreational activities offered a chance for the Alfardan employees and their family members to enjoy a lively and memorable National Sport Day.

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