Posted on April 04, 2017

Al Khalij Commercial Bank (al khaliji) P.Q.S.C., Qatar’s next generation bank, in line with its commitment to the high morale of the community and spreading knowledge about important issues that affect the wellbeing of its members, recently organized a special event for its staff to raise awareness about Autism in society, in collaboration with Shafallah Center and Qatar Autism Families Association.

With the incurable neurodevelopmental disorder affecting 1 out of every 45 children, al khaliji’s event introduced the bank’s employees to Autism, its early signs, prevalence, and how they can help raise general know-howabout the socially-impairing condition in the community. During an afternoon spent at the bank headquarters in the Al Jazi Tower – with Shafallah’s representatives, who have firsthand experience in supporting those with the disorder – the al khaliji staff learned more about this important health issue, as well as how modifications and remedial support can be provided to improve the quality of life of the affected individual, when Autism is diagnosed at an early stage.

The initiative was held in the framework of al khaliji’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, which has been designed in alignment with the Qatar National Vision 2030 and revolves around balancing economic, social and environmental obligations towards the realization of the community’s aspirations and general welfare.

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