Posted on March 24, 2016

Staged under the banner of “Reality and Future Outlook”, the conference will be inaugurated by Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani on Saturday March 26th, at Qatar National Convention Centre and will run until 28 March 2016. The topics of significance include: Social Responsibility Foundations & Starting Points; Reality of Social Responsibility and Future Outlook.

The conference will target key audiences including academics, researchers in educational institutions, graduate students, training institutions, media and marketing experts, opinion leaders in the community, civil society organizations, charitable organizations, and social responsibility officials in the Government and private sectors. The conference promises to be highly engaging and is built around three Pillars as follows: The first pillar traces the emergence of social responsibility and related concepts, trends and schools of thought embodying the philosophical values and objectives which aims to achieve, and the impact they have on humanities.

The second pillar focuses on the measurement of reality, knowledge of opportunities for communities, the internal and external challenges for social responsibility, moral obligation and the emergence of inter-relationships. The third explores the reality of social responsibility and its role in the knowledge economy, how to avoid obstacles that prevent it from playing that role, and build strategic scenarios to deal with the horizon of social responsibility.

Inspired by its slogan “Stand up and leave your Mark” Al Faisal Social Responsibility Center aims to build bridges between peoples and cultures of the world. It takes pride in being the first integrated center in Qatar and the region. It is driven by the desire to foster the culture of community service, and to build a better human being who is responsible for themselves and their development. The Center is committed to contribute positively and effectively to the renaissance of its community and Qatar as a whole. It aspires to work with all peoples to build a better world.

An exhibition featuring companies, centers and individuals active in social responsibility initiatives will form part of the conference.